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Fall Quarter Events

All upcoming events will be held/hosted online through the end of the autumn quarter. Please visit museum and gallery websites for updates and visitor guidelines.

Arts in the News

The Henry's Latest Exhibition Brings Art to the Sides of Buses

If you've done a double-take over what appears to be a work of art on the side of a King County Metro bus recently, you didn't imagine it. Last week,…

The Stranger

Deck the dorms: How university students are spending the holidays

David Bell, PhD student in physics, and Savannah Lomelli, art student, discuss how they're spending the holidays in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q13 Fox

Behold! UW-authored books and music for the good Dawgs on your shopping list

Here's a quick look at some giftworthy books and music created by UW faculty and staff in 2020, and a reminder of some recent favorites.

UW News

ArtSci Roundup: Set in Motion, Drop-in Meditation Session, and More

See public a public art exhibition on the side of city buses, watch a talk about "Public Opnion and Polls in the 2020 Presidental Election, revisit…

UW News

Behold! UW-authored books and music for the good Dawgs on your shopping list

With one of the biggest gift-giving seasons upon us, here’s a quick look at some gift-worthy books and music created by University of Washington…

UW News

Explore Printmaking From Your Kitchen

Professor Curt Labitzke adpated his popular course for the virtual environment.

UW College of Arts & Sciences News

Animals on trial, disability discrimination, and what it means to be human

At its final colloquium, the Henry Art Gallery invites academics from the UW and other institutions "to think beyond species."

The Daily

How the pandemic became an integral part of a Seattle-area virtual Beethoven festival

The classical-music world was counting on Beethoven’s 250th birthday this year as a major selling point. But coronavirus started wreaking its havoc,…

The Seattle Times

"A snapshot of America, in 18 portraits"

Assistant Professor of art history Juliet Sperling analyzes 18 pieces of art that tell the tale of American history.

UW Magazine

ArtSci Roundup: Re/frame: All Together Now, This Is Beethoven, and More

This week at the UW, attend the online This is Beethoven festival, join Ann Poulson, the Henry Art Gallery’s Associate Curator of Collections, for a…

UW News

A Feast for the Ears

UW School of Music faculty share favorite pieces of music, in genres from jazz to Gospel to world music and more.

UW College of Arts & Sciences News

‘Performing Flight’: UW drama professor Scott Magelssen’s book studies aviation through perspective of performance studies

Drama professor Scott Magelssen's new book "Performing Flight: From the Barnstormers to Space Tourism" explores how performance and culture have…

UW News