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Arts in the News

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of what unites us all

Across our campuses, and far beyond, Hispanic and Latinx Americans with a UW connection are changing the world – through teaching, scholarship,…

University of Washington, Office of the President

Henry Art Gallery Director announces retirement

Sylvia Wolf has served in her role since 2008.  

UW College of Arts & Sciences News

Henry Art Liaisons Find Their Voice

Through the Henry Art Liaisons program, UW students explore Henry Art Gallery exhibitions with museum visitors.

UW College of Arts & Sciences News

UW, a jewel of Seattle, shines in global academic ranking

"UW professors and alumni are at the forefront of the arts, culture, philosophy and literature. They attract speakers and performers who contribute…

Seattle Times

What would it take for Seattle to become a hotbed for playwrights?

“Seattle is perfectly positioned to have a thriving fringe theater scene,” said Nikki Yeboah, who last year became the University of Washington…

The Seattle Times

'Be Water, My Friend’: A close-up of the latest Bruce Lee exhibition at the Wing Luke Museum

Bruce Lee was renowned for being many things: one of the greatest martial artists of all time, mentor, instructor, and all-star actor. He was also a…

The Daily


The 1998 drama graduate receives the nation's highest poetry honor.

University of Washington Magazine

Ada Limón Is Named the Next Poet Laureate

Ada Limón, a UW School of Drama alum, is the 24th U.S. poet laureate.

New York Times

A walk in their heels: Meet the hustle evangelist

Abdiel Jacobsen, a former Martha Graham dancer, found freedom in hustle, which offers a progressive, gender-neutral vision of partnered social dance…

The New York Times

The Power of Cohorts & Collective Histories

Kemi Adeyemi, Jasmine Mahmoud, and Nikki Yeboah first met as PhD students in Chicago. Now they pursue scholarship in support of Black arts as UW…

UW College of Arts & Sciences News

Arts & Sciences' Fab Four for 2022

Four Dean's Medalists were selected by the College of Arts & Sciences for their varied and impressive work as UW undergraduates. 

UW College of Arts & Sciences News

How we decided what stories to tell in our Black Arts Legacies project

Crosscut interviewed the UW's Kemi Adeyemi, associate professor of gender, women and sexuality studies, and Jasmine Mahmoud, assistant professor of…