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DEI+A Arts Divisional Goals 2021-2022

Students working with molten glass
  • Provide active support and encouragement for DEI+A efforts by reinforcing this as an institutional priority, providing financial support to units, and generating metrics for accountability.
  • Continue to advocate for better student, staff and faculty demographic data reports to be provided by UW administration and ensure these are consistently updated and distributed.
  • Update this website and the College of Arts and Sciences website to reflect the commitments, transparency, and accountability of the Arts Division and to tell the story of what we’ve been doing.
  • Onboard, mentor, and advance early career faculty through welcome events, workshops, and other support resources to foster a sense of community. 
  • Update annual “progress report: moving the dial” to track change, measure progress, and ensure accountability.
  • Enhance faculty searches through anti-bias training and clearly defined search rubrics, and require diversity statements of all candidates. Conduct searches in ways that optimize the diversity of applicant pools.  Advocate for College-level commitments to create a faculty search timeline and process that optimizes the chances of recruiting a large and diverse pool of applicants.
  • Support Division-wide networking through Arts Diversity Liaisons. Liaisons review and comment on the Arts Divisions’ annual DEI+A report and goals.
  • Host each quarter an event with the Arts Chairs and Directors that affirms and fosters our commitment to making a “new normal” that is more equitable, inclusive, and just.
  • Support the Burke + Henry + Meany “ROI: Remaking Our Institutions for a More Just World,” a collaborative initiative.
  • Elevate Black arts on campus, including support for the Jacob Lawrence Gallery (and associated capital campaign) and Black Embodiment Studio, and celebrate Black artists through exhibitions, performances and stories about  faculty, alumni and student artists.

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