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Whether you are looking to make the arts a central part of your academic experience, a secondary aspect of your education, or just looking for new and interesting classes to supplement your experience at the UW, we have a program for you.  Our departments offer a wide variety of majors, minors, and certificates. We also teach some of the most engaging VLPA courses on campus. If you're looking for study abroad opportunities, we can help you find those too.

Ready to get started?   Visit the department web sites to learn more about each program.   Remember, if you can’t choose just one, it is possible to double-major at the University of Washington.

Our goal is to make the arts and creativity part of the DNA of every student’s experience during their time at UW, regardless of declared major. Catherine Cole, Divisional Dean of the Arts

Undergraduate Majors

Art + Art History + Design




Undergraduate Minors

Graduate Programs

Art + Art History + Design





Check out our Cool Courses on the College of Arts & Sciences website.